How to Join

When you join the Club you become a Member, not your dog. The joining fee entitles you to membership of the Club, allowing you to train your dog at the Club, until the end of June*.

Membership renewal forms for the following year are mailed to you in May.

The registration/joining process is as follows:

  • Choose a joining date for your puppy (aged 12-weeks to under 6 months) or adult dog (6 months and over) from the scheduled Training Dates
  • The Registration Desk opening times for the Adult Dog Beginners (Responsible Dog Ownership Course) and Puppy Classes are listed in the Next Training Date event information
  • Complete the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM and bring your dog’s current vaccination certificate.
  • Ensure you have adequate monies for Registration AND Beginner Program Fees as listed in the Club’s current Membership Fees.
  • Puppies and adult dogs must have a collar and lead for training – not an extendable lead. A harness is permissible, but the goal will be to work towards using a collar and lead for training as harnesses cannot be used in Class 1 or upwards, Agility Class or in Promotion Tests). You will be advised on training equipment, which is available from the Club for members only at a reasonable price.
  • New members should bring $10 on top of the joining fee to cover the possible need to purchase appropriate training equipment
  • Having joined the Club, you will be told where and when your class will start. Your Instructor will inform you of the training objectives of the class, Club and Park Rules and the process to be followed beyond Week 1 of training
  • New joiners need to register and scan the QR code for Covid-19 tracing 30 minutes prior to the start of class.

*Members who join in May or June of the current year do not have to renew membership until June of the following year.

Note: The only method of payment accepted is CASH


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New joiners need to register for Covid-19 tracing 30 minutes before the class.


Adult single (18 years and over)


Dual (2 members /one dog)


Junior (12 to 17 years)


Renewals (30th June)


Course Fees for Beginners - paid on joining

9 week course  
Puppies from 12 weeks
to under 6 months of age


6 week course  
Adult Dog Beginners (Responsible Dog Ownership Course) for dogs from 6 months of age


Dual (2 members /one dog)


Ground Fees
for Ongoing Training

$3 per week

What's next?

Following the completion of the training program in Puppy Classes and/or the Adult Dog Beginners, you and your dog will automatically progress to Class 1 where you can both build upon the exercises covered in the Responsible Dog Ownership Course.  Thereafter progression from Class 1 and upwards is earned by passing promotion test.

Important notice

At all times YOUR dog is YOUR responsibility.

In the unlikely event of your dog showing aggression towards people and/or other dogs, no Instructor, helper or Club Member can be put at risk.