How to Join

When you join the Club you become a Member, not your dog. The joining fee entitles you to membership of the Club, allowing you to train your dog at the Club, until the end of June*.

Membership renewal forms for the following year are emailed to you in May.

The registration/joining process is as follows:

  • Choose a joining date for your beginner dog from the scheduled Training Dates.  Beginners will be accepted from 12 weeks of age with their second vaccination.
  • The Registration Desk opening times for the Beginner Class  is listed in the Next Training Date event information
  • Complete the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM and bring your dog’s current vaccination certificate.
  • Ensure you have adequate monies for Registration AND Beginner Program Fees as listed in the Club’s current Membership Fees.
  • All beginner dogs must have a collar and lead for training – not an extendable lead. You will be advised on training equipment, which is available from the Club for members only at a reasonable price.
  • New members could bring $10 on top of the joining fee to cover the possible need to purchase appropriate training equipment

*Members who join in May or June of the current year do not have to renew membership until June of the following year.

Note: Method of payment accepted is CASH or CREDIT CARD


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Adult single (18 years and over) 


Dual (2 members /one dog)  


Junior (12 to 17 years)   


Renewals (30th June)    


Membership and Course Fees for Beginners - paid on joining

6 week course for dogs dogs from 12 weeks of age 


Dual (2 members /one dog)  


Ground Fees
for Ongoing Training

$3 per week

What's next?

Following the completion of the beginner training program, you and your dog will automatically progress to Class 1 where you can both build upon the exercises covered in the Beginner  Course.  Thereafter progression from Class 1 and upwards is earned by passing promotion test.

Important notice

At all times YOUR dog is YOUR responsibility.

In the unlikely event of your dog showing aggression towards people and/or other dogs, no Instructor, helper or Club Member can be put at risk.