Keep Cool at Dog School

Our focus is you and your dog and as a timely reminder during summer, Dogs NSW provides the following helpful guide-lines in caring for your dog:

Dogs do not sweat significantly so they are more susceptible to heat stroke than we are. They control their temperature in part through increasing their rate of breathing or by panting.

  • Make sure dogs have plenty of fresh water and shade
  • Moderate dogs weight, overweight means more risk of overheating
  • Exercise during cooler parts of the day
  • Avoid hot pavements as the ground temperature can be significantly higher – dogs can burn their feet
  • Never leave a dog in a car unattended as summer heat can increase rapidly inside a vehicle
  • A long coat can be shortened during summer but some breeds such as Siberian Huskies have double coats which act to cool them down
  • Some dogs will continue to run or play despite the heat, excitement can lead to too much activity in hot conditions – impose rest and the opportunity to drink.

Quoted from Dogs NSW Magazine (January 2014)