Training Equipment for Sale

Club training equipment for sale:

3ft & 4ft 6 inches club cotton leads


10ft long lead


A variety of training collars

from $12



“Give me space” Dog Bandana


UD article sets:





Club training equipment can be purchased at the information desk on Sunday mornings.

Please ask one of our helpful volunteers who will assist you with the purchase and advise you on sizes and how to attach the bandana to your dog’s collar.

Club Dog Leads

The club sells varying sizes of dog leads made from strong but soft cotton weave material that is great for not only Sunday morning training sessions at the club, but also long walks with your four legged friend. We sell leads ranging from 3ft to 10ft long.

If you are looking for a new soft comfortable lead or your current lead is uncomfortable to hold during training and out on dog walks, come to the front desk on Sunday and we’ll help get the right lead for you and your dog.

"GIVE ME SPACE" Dog Bandanas

The Club now sells Yellow “Give Me Space” Dog Bandanas.

This campaign is run by Yellow Dog Australia and is aimed at educating dog fanciers and the general public about the meaning of a yellow bandana, yellow ribbon or yellow vest to help assist dogs that need more space from time to time.

By using a yellow bandana, fellow club members will understand that your dog may require more space when you train at the club on Sunday mornings.