Beginner Class

Beginner class is suitable for puppies and dogs from the age of 12 weeks

The Beginner program runs for 6 weeks and is open to all puppies and dogs from the age of 12 weeks. It is designed to educate all beginner dogs to be well behaved, controlled and cooperative.

The course aims to teach owners the skills, and provide them with the knowledge required, to successfully train their dogs.

Participants will have the knowledge and skills to train their dogs to understand the:

  • “Heel” command
  • “Sit” command in the heel position, that means beside your left leg
  •  The recall or “come”
  • “Stay” command in a sit, stand and down position
  • “Stand” command
  • “Down” or “Drop” command

After completing the 6 week program the dogs will automatically move to Class 1.

Please note

Puppies must have had at least their 2nd vaccination before enrolling in classes. Some Vets prefer puppies to wait until their 3rd vaccination. The Club recommends you ask and follow the advice of your Vet.  Remember to bring a vaccination certificate for sighting by a Club official when joining the Club.


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Covered footwear must be worn.