Classes 1 to 4

Obedience classes are offered progressing from Class 1 to classes 2, 3 and 4 where you and your dog can both develop skills in obedience training.

In these classes you the handler will be taught techniques to improve your dog’s heeling, stability and other skills such as jumping, fetching a dumbbell, and working off lead. 

Progression from Class 1 and onwards requires a promotion test.

Requirements for promotion between classes:

  • Heeling all paces
  • All turns, normal pace
  • Sits (the word sit can be used by the handler)
  • Stand and Down on command
  • Stand for Examination by Instructor (no failure for moving)
  • Recall and Finish
  • 30 second Sit Stay and 1 minute Down Stay on lead
  • Heel on loose lead, all paces
  • Turns at all paces
  • Automatic Sits
  • Sit, Stand and Down
  • Stand for Exam
  • Recall and finish around handler
  • 1 minute Sit and 2 minute Down Stays
  • Heeling all paces
  • Heeling off lead, normal pace
  • Automatic Sits
  • Sit, Stand and Down on command, all paces
  • Stand for Exam on lead, handler in front
  • Recall off lead and finish around handler
  • 1 minute Sit and 3 minute Down Stays, off lead

In Class 4 the Club offers experienced Instructor and peer-to-peer assistance for handlers wishing to train their dogs for Dog Obedience Trialing.


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