Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting the Club via email or the Contact Us form, please read through the following list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please Note: The Club is run by volunteers. We attempt to respond to queries within 48 hours. However, due to family and work commitments beyond the Club, sometimes there may be a longer delay in responding to you.

Yes, but you can only handle 1 dog at a time in a class. Your other dogs must be securely & safely tethered or minded by a family member or friend while you are in class. You may swap dogs during the class.

Yes. Talk to your instructor or the Chief Instructor who will provide assistance.

In summary, a handler and dog can join from Class 1 provided the dog can stay and come back when it’s called.

No, the Club only offers group/class training.

Yes, children are welcome at the Club, but they must be supervised and they must not handle a dog in class.


Hot Weather Cancellation

In line with Dogs NSW‘s policy for Extreme Weather, and taking into account the group nature of the Club’s training classes for puppies and adult dogs and the limited shade on our Musgrave Pond training grounds, if the temperature for the Centennial Park area is forecasted to be 30° Celsius or higher during the hours of training – including setting up of equipment, running registration and classes, and packing away (7-10:30am in February/March, 7:30-11:30am at other times of the year) – for a Sunday on the preceding Saturday, then training will be cancelled for that Sunday.

Notice of the Hot Weather Cancellation will be posted on the Club’s website and to our Facebook page by late afternoon on the Saturday prior to the cancelled Sunday and left as a recorded message on the Club phone as soon as possible.

Wet Weather Cancellation

The Club officially sets up for training and registration from 7:30am on Sundays. This involves unloading equipment and desks etc. from the Club van. If it is raining at 7:30 on a Sunday, then the van will not be unloaded until either it stops raining or a decision is made to cancel training due to the ongoing rain. 

In normal circumstances, the decision to cancel training is left as late as possible. Members and Joiners can call the Club for a status update on 0412 645 154 after 7:30am on Sundays or check the Club’s Facebook page (which will be updated before the Club website).

Please note: The Club is run by volunteers who often double-up tasks, like setting up for training on Sundays, or managing the Club phone, Facebook page and website. We cannot always respond to voicemail and text messages, and there may be delays in updating the training status on Sundays, especially where we’ve held off as late as possible before cancelling training.

As in the case of Hot Weather Cancellation, if exceptionally wet and/or wild weather is forecast for a Sunday morning, the decision to cancel training may be made on the preceding Saturday.

Again, notice of the Wet Weather Cancellation will be posted on the Club’s website and to our Facebook page and left as a recorded message on the Club phone as soon as possible.

While the Club apologises for the inconvenience caused due to cancelled training, we trust Members and Joiners appreciate the efforts of our volunteer Helpers and Instructors to run classes in all seasons.

If in doubt, call the Club at any time and listen to the recorded message, or check the Club website or our Facebook page.