Puppy Classes are suitable for dogs aged 12 weeks to under 6 months. The Club runs a 6-week program for puppies, followed by automatic progression to Week 4 of the Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course.

Grace in Puppy Class (2014)

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Puppy Classes are particularly useful for owners who have never owned a dog or had one a long time ago.

The classes give you the confidence, general knowledge and basic skills for effective communication with your new puppy.

Most importantly, the classes teach how to positively reinforce desirable behaviours and how to stop undesirable ones in your puppies.

Classes also offer the opportunity for young dogs to socialise together in a controlled learning environment.

Regular attendance at Puppy Classes helps continue a positive learning experience, socialisation in a park environment, and maintain and build a closer bond between you and your puppy.

The 6-Week Puppy Program 

Week 1
  • Theory of how puppies learn & reward based training 
  • Teaching your puppy name recognition & Watch me
  • Teaching your puppy to Sit
  • Teaching your puppy loose lead walking
  • Teaching you how to settle your puppy
  • Teaching you how to briefly handle your puppy and the benefits of doing so
 Week 2
  • Teaching your puppy to accept a collar touch
  • Teaching your puppy to stand from sit
  • Teaching your puppy to Come when called
Week 3
  • Teaching you puppy to accept a collar hold
  • Teaching your puppy loose lead walking but incorporating a sit
  • Teaching your puppy to Drop 
Week 4
  • Teaching your puppy to heel at a short distance
  • Teaching your puppy right and left about turns
  • Teaching your puppy to sit and stay briefly 
Week 5
  • Teaching your puppy to drop and stay briefly
  • Teaching your puppy to leave an object 
Week 6
  • Teaching you how to "front" your puppy
  • Opportunity for owners to show and tell what they've effectively taught their puppies during the 6 weeks

 There are regular Discussion breaks during classes - topics discussed include:

  • Dog breeds and characteristics
  • Jumping
  • Mouthing and bite inhibition
  • Environmental enrichment 
  • Toilet training
  • Dangerous foods and general puppy health
  • Dog body language and going to off leash parks 

Please note: Puppies must have had at least their 2nd vaccination before enrolling in classes. Some Vets prefer puppies to wait until their 3rd vaccination. The Club recommends you ask and follow the advice of your Vet. 

And remember, you must bring a vaccination certificate for sighting by a Club official when joining the Club.