The Club runs Activity Training Classes, based on the Agility dog sport, to complement our Obedience Training. These classes teach handlers and dogs how to navigate an obstacle course, including bar jumps, tyre jumps, tunnel, weaves and broad jumps.

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Gidgee Jumping at Agility Trial


The Club has found Activity Classes to be a popular way of training and interacting with dogs in addition to formal Obedience Classes. Once the basic obstacles have been taught, the Activity Class is all about handlers learning to communicate clearly and consistently with their dogs and how to motivate their dogs using reward based methods of training.

Working as a Team

Activity Classes offer handlers and their dogs, physical and mental stimulation plus an opportunity to deepen the bond and understanding between them. In an inherently fun environment, handlers teach their dog basic skills of attention, off lead control, sits, stays, downs and recalls normally taught in a formal Obedience Class, all whilst performing obstacles.

In Activity Classes, the dog relies on its handler's cues to access the fun of doing obstacles and in doing so a more meaningful relationship emerges.

Summary of Benefits

Activity or agility classes have been found to be beneficial for all kinds of dogs:

  • The fearful dogs gain confidence from learning in a positive environment how to negotiate obstacles and from their handlers’ improved understanding of canine behaviour
  • The hyper dogs learn to channel their energy in a more constructive manner and to consider their handlers not only as a source of fun but also a leader worthy of attention – "control the fun, control the passion"
  • The average dog will blossom – their ability to understand and appreciate their human partner grow and deepen within the fun and positive environment of the activity classes.

Rules for participating in Activity Classes

The following rules must be observed to participate in these classes:

  • Handlers and dogs must have attained Class 1 level
  • Dogs must be taken over the Inspection Line (open 7:45 to 8am) and ground fees must be paid before attending class
  • Guidance and rules set down by Instructors must be followed
  • No check chain collars to be worn
  • Handlers are required to use positive motivators such as food or toy
  • Handlers are required to bring sufficient soft food rewards for their dog(s)
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn, ie. no thongs or non-utility footwear
  • Orderly conduct around the equipment is required with participants taking turns under the guidance of Instructors
  • Participants are required to assist in setting up and packing away of equipment

Please note: There is no additional cost for these classes - a single ground fee payment covers Obedience and Activity Classes.