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Labrador Rescue - A Happy Ending

Bring Jet home

Jet joined our family on 8th March 2014. It had been two-and-half years since we'd lost our dear old Lab, Harry, and Jet was just on two-and-half years old at the time. It seemed a good omen. However, we were Jet's fourth family! Why had he had so many homes? What had happened to him? Was he unruly and aggressive?


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Thanks Arianne van der Meer

arianne murphyLong term Club Member, Committee Member and Instructor, Arianne van der Meer is leaving the Club to move to the north coast of NSW with her partner and dogs. The following article was published in the August 2016 edition of the Club newsletter, PawPrints. It offers a glimpse of Arianne's legacy and her vision for the Club's future.   

On behalf of current Club Members and all those you've helped in the past, we wish you all the best with your new life, Arianne. Your contribution to the Club will be greatly missed!

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My Amazing Toby!

Toby is my West Highland White Terrier and we joined the ESDTC in March 2006, when he was a 8 month old puppy. In a few months we reached Class 3 in obedience.

tobySomewhere in 2007 Tsuey and Sandra organised “activity classes” and we started to learn agility. Due to a number of reasons I only started entering trials in 2012.

Westie’s are not considered an agility dog because of their large frame and short legs, however I worked extensively with Toby who loved our jumping games and was always enthusiastic.

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Balance Harnesses

In 17 years of training and instructing at the Dog Club, I have moved from using traditional check chains on dogs to martingale and halti-head collars, before finally settling on a balance harness to train and walk my adopted lab, Jet.

Jet with Balance Harness

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What is Nosework?

What is Nosework? Nosework is a new sport involving your dog and its nose. The sport was begun in the US by professional detection dog handlers and trainers Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot and Jill Marie O’Brien. Having trained dogs for drug detection etc, they decided that this would also make an excellent sport for pet dogs. The National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) is the oldest body of nosework having been established in the mid-2000s in the US.

Dog sniffing the ground

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What is Activity Class?

Activity Class is based on a dog sport known as Agility. I had started Obedience and Agility with my first kelpie, Zac, and a passion evolved for the sport. I wanted to share this passion with our Club and began introducing jumps and weave poles whilst I was the Class 2 Obedience Instructor many years ago.

Activity Class

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