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Joy & Sorrow of Old Dogs

The Club recently lost 2 of our older dogs to cancer, Claire Scivyer’s Indy and Julia Batty’s Milly.  Members may not have been so familiar with Indy (though there is a wonderful photo of her in the Sleeping Dogs Album on the Club’s Facebook page), but many Adult Dog Beginners’ Class graduates will remember Milly as Julia’s demo dog.

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Watch Your Dog

“I have always believed that the key to achieving the full joy of dog ownership lies in understanding as much as is possible to know about dogs.”
Dr Hugh Wirth, Living With Dogs, ABC Books, 2nd Edition 2010.

“The reason why your dog does things is a fascinating subject.”
The late Garry Somerville, champion dog trainer and obedience trialer

Whose Behavioural Problem?

"People often ring me up and say that their dog has got a behavioural problem. But what they’ve really got is a human behavioural problem. The human has destroyed the dog’s pack and the dog has learned to accept the human as a surrogate family. But, in return, the human has not learned to understand or modify the dog’s behaviour."
Dr Hugh Wirth, Living With Dogs, ABC Books, 2nd Edition 2010.