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Natural Therapies for Dogs

Natural therapies have sometimes been referred to as “Alternative Therapies” however most natural therapists see them as complementary in that they work  well alongside western medicine in alleviating pain, assisting with emotional trauma, supporting behavioural training programs, improving physical function and enhancing an animal’s quality of life. 

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Vaccinations vs Titer Testing

Previously I had believed that vaccinations for older dogs (8-10 years or more) was not necessary as the vaccine would give them permanent immunity having been previously been annually vaccinated for all their lives. My own recent personal experience now tells me otherwise.

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That Bloke on the Inspection Line

Having joined the Club in July 1999, been on Committee and PawPrints Editor since August 2001, been an Instructor for almost as long, and managed the Club website and email enquiries since May 2006, it was salutary to realise the other Sunday that not everyone at the Club knows who I am — let alone that I'm the current Club President. 

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What dogs think

It is doubtful that humans will ever know what dogs think about, which is a pity because we could probably learn quite a lot from them.

Dogs appear to have a nice take on life. Eat well, get lots of sleep, chase a ball whenever possible, and, if someone's nice to you, be nice to them.

Quoted from "Space Dogs" (a kids' novel), by Justin Ball and Evan Croker, an ABC Books publication.

Baring Teeth

A Class 3 Club Member raised a concern in the Inspection Line one Sunday about her 2-year-old Rotti baring its teeth at her young daughter.

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