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Not Just for Xmas

As an instructor, I’m often asked for advice on choosing a dog. A common misconception among prospective dog owners is that the main concern is matching a dog to your living area.

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Why Dogs Sniff

As many of us know, good heeling, where your dog keenly trots beside your left leg, looking up at you, awaiting your next move or command, is one of the most difficult exercises to perfect in dog obedience trialing.

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Caring for Elderly Dogs


Obesity is the most common condition that vets see in elderly dogs. As dogs age, they still need exercise to benefit their heart, lungs, circulation, digestive system and joints – as well as for their mental and emotional well being.

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My First Dog

When I was 10 years old, after much pestering, my parents let me have a dog. I researched breeds in the school library and decided upon a yellow Labrador Retriever. I tossed around names and settled on Duke. I was in boy heaven when we brought home my new puppy.

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Training Offers Many Gains

Not training a dog in obedience can be likened to a child never going to school. Strictly speaking, the word obedience does not do justice to training and is best described as improving the relationship one has with a dog.

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A Lick, Lick

In my early days of dog training, I commented to a fellow class member that if aliens landed on Earth and the first dog they saw was Harry, then they would call his species a “Lick, Lick”.

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