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A World of Smells

“He is in a world of smells of which we know nothing, which occupy and absorb his attention as to make him practically blind to everything about him and deaf to all sounds.”

William Henry Hudson, quoted February 2006

Dogs are perfect at being dogs

Dogs are perfect at being dogs. They already know how to sit, stand, drop, speak, scent and retrieve. What they have to learn is what our words are for these behaviours and when, where and why they should perform them for us.

Karin Larsen Bridge, “Positive Training”, APDT Australia Inc. Journal, Oct/Nov 2002, quoted September 2006

Beware Corn Cobs

Towards the end of a two-week holiday in a paralysis tick prone area last Summer, my Lab Harry fell ill (vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy) and I feared he had a tick.

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