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When Jaiden Fed Harry

It’s now 7 months since I published the piece on When Harry Met Jaiden, written 2 months after Jaiden’s birth, with an accompanying photo of Harry sniffing Jaiden in the car capsule on the day our dog first met our little boy.

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A Baby in the “Pack”

Expectant parents and parents of young children naturally worry about the effect a newborn baby and growing toddler will have on their previously well behaved, balanced and beloved dog.

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Silly Dog Stories

Sure all our dogs have done silly things, but I think my dogs are the silliest of them all. These are a few things my dogs have done.

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Obedience Training Tips

Your voice is one of your most important training aids. Be happy and bright to encourage your dog, enthusiastic to make him work quickly, and firm to correct any faults. Do not confuse him with many or varied words, be consistent with your commands and say each word clearly to avoid confusion.

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Make the Recall a Pleasant Experience

Come. COME. COME HERE NOW!" Never mix up "Come", the recall command, with punishment. Your dog must trust that returning to you will lead to a pleasurable experience and not an unpleasant one. After all, would you willingly return to someone if you thought they were going to yell at you (or worse)?

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Next Training Date

The Club's training for 2018 ended with our Fun Day on 9th December. Our volunteer Helpers and Instructors are now enjoying a well-earned break for the Festive Season and Summer Holidays.

Training resumes at the Club on 3rd February 2019, which is a Puppy Joiner. The first RDO Course Joiner (for adult dogs aged 6 months and older) is 10th February.

Please check the times AND arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start.