Key points: Drop/Down; Stays; Leave It; Dog Care & Health

The following is an overview of the training exercises and discussion topics covered during Week 3:

Revision of Weeks 1-2 exercises

New exercises:
Responsible Dog Ownership Attendance Certificate

  •     Down or Drop:
    •         Use food lure, right hand signal and voice command (Down or Drop) – no force
    •         "Opportunity" training: Use Down with (distance) right hand signal  and voice command when dog settling down on bed or mat at home
    •         Down is a submissive position for dogs – can be difficult to get dogs to do it, but good for reinforcing dog’s place, especially in households with young kids.

Discussion - Dog Care & Health:

  •     Regular handling of the dog - handlers become familiar with dog’s body and can help find unusual lumps that may require visit to Vet
  •     Basic health issues for dog - worming, flea and ticks; dangerous foods, bloat and overheating (reminder to offer dogs water regularly); checking teeth etc.
  •     Grooming - bathing, cutting nails, checking ears etc.

New exercises:

  •     Sit Stay - stand beside dog, right hand signal & voice:
    •         Discuss effect of duration, distance and distraction on Stay
    •         Have handlers stand beside dog during the stay without moving for 8 seco    Take “rocking motion” step forward & back with right leg, but do not move left
  •     Repeat for Stand Stay and Down Stay.

Stabilisation exercise - Loose Lead Walking with Right and Left About Turns and Sit on halts: Lure, hand signal and voice command. Working towards close Heeling.

New exercise:

  • Leave It:
    •         Use a stick, screwed up paper or a less valued treat in one hand, let dog sniff or take interest in it, then lure head away with other hand using a high value treat. Repeat process, fading lure to hand signal and adding voice command, Leave it
    •         Working towards placing food on ground (in small container), walking dog past it and commanding, Leave it. Command should be given when dog is thinking about food, not when he/she is about to take it. Dog should be rewarded as soon as he/she looks away.



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