Dog with NewspaperPawPrints is the name of the Club newsletter. PawPrints is published quarterly throughout the training year and is where Club Members can learn more about their Club, dog training and their dog.

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PawPrints consists of news, articles, stories, quotes and jokes, contributed by Club Members or referenced from other publications and/or online resources.

Extracts from the PawPrints archive are provided below for the interest of Club Members and other website visitors.

You can also read selected PDF copies of PawPrints.  

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Next Training Date

Sunday 23rd February is a puppy joiner for the Club's 6-week Puppy Class (for dogs aged under 6 months). The next adult dog joiner for our Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course (for dogs aged 6 months and older) is on 1st March.

Please note, unless otherwise specified, registration and training times for the RDO Course and Puppy Classes are one hour earlier than the Club's standard times until the end of Daylight Saving on 5th April. Activity Class and Rally-O are also not scheduled during this period.

Please check registration and training times and arrive at least 15 minutes early.