The Club recently received communication from our friends at Centennial Parklands on two items which will be of interest to Club Members and Friends:

1. Bindis on the Musgrave Pond Grounds

Following complaints by Club Members and Instructors on Sunday 21st October about the outbreak of bindis on our Musgrave Pond training grounds, the Club contacted Centennial Park and received the following explanation from Darren Handley, Asset Manager, Centennial Parklands & The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan:

Our horticulture team have confirmed your comments about the bindis. The area is scheduled to be sprayed but unfortunately with all the recent rain, the program has stalled, while we wait for the correct conditions.

The product needs a certain amount of time to dry on the leaf to be effective. Also, trying to spray out of times where park visitors are present has also caused delays. The rain and high humidity have certainly boosted the bindii numbers. 

I have asked my team to assess the situation and have something completed either this week or early next week. I will come back to you when they have confirmed the date.

The Club will relay information updates on the spraying via our Facebook page and at pre-training announcements on Sundays. In the meantime, Club Members might like to investigate doggy booties for their dogs. 

Dog booties - photo from Pixabay

2. Film Set in Federation Valley 

The Club received the following email from Amy Jozing, Manager Communications & Public Affairs, Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands:

This is a courtesy email to give the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club and its Members notice about a feature film set that will sit at the northern end of Federation Valley in Centennial Park from this week to March 2019.

Due to the complex and highly detailed nature of the sets that have been designed for this location, the production company have begun assembling sets. Filming is expected to take place in January and February 2019. To minimise disruption to park visitors, both construction and filming are scheduled to take place between the hours of 7.00 am - 5.00 pm on weekdays only.

Whilst much of this area is still available for our loved doggie visitors we equally encourage you to explore other off-leash dog areas around the outer ring of Centennial Park, such as Sandstone Ridge, South West and Ash Paddock, Musgrave area and Queens Park. All public utilities in this area, including amenities and taps, will remain accessible for the duration of the film shoot. When filming is complete, the set construction will be removed and the area will re-opened and returned with higher-quality turf for all to enjoy.

More great off-leash areas in the Parklands are mapped in our dog walking brochure, which can be downloaded from this link, here.                                                                               

It is also important to note that a small access road will be created to give film crews vehicle access to the set from Loch Avenue North. We encourage visitors with dogs off-leash to exercise caution with the moving vehicles in this area.

For further information about the filming project in the Parklands including a sitemap, I would recommend reading our website alert with Q&As here.  

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