The goal of the new course was to maintain the key training objectives of our old adult dog beginner program, but to incorporate updated material from Dogs NSW and other sources, with links to state government, local councils, Dogs NSW, the RSPCA and Centennial Parklands on the rules, regulations and responsibilities of dog ownership.

In addition, there was a shift of emphasis from "training the dog" to "training handlers to be Responsible Dog Owners". And discussions were included in the new course on dog care and "maintenance", rights and responsibilities under the NSW Companion Animals Act, and how to use positive, reward-based training techniques to achieve the desired behaviour and strengthen the bond between dogs and handlers.

The RDO Course was never intended to be "revolutionary" but "evolutionary". And since its launch, we've seen further evolutionary change at the Club, with the Puppy Program updated to segue more smoothly from Week 6 Puppies to Week 4 RDO (which is when puppy graduates join the adult dogs), and the launch of Foundation Class in 2016, to help handlers and dogs transition successfully and comfortably from the RDO Course into the more advanced training environment of our Class 1 and beyond.

A big THANKS to all who were involved in formulating and approving the RDO Course, to the instructors who have run the classes over the years, and especially to the current and former RDO class members and their dogs - helping you and your dogs is why we volunteer our time on Sunday mornings!

More important information about this Sunday

Earlier Class Start Times

A reminder, to help puppies and dogs AND their handlers better cope with potentially higher temperatures and humidity, class times have been rescheduled to earlier in the morning during February and March:

  • 8-9am: Class 2 and RDO Course Classes - Inspection Line 7:45 to 8am
  • 9-10am: Foundation Class, Class 1, Class 3-4 - Inspection Line 8:30 to 8:55am
  • 9:15-10am: Puppy Classes - puppies do NOT have to go over the Inspection Line before class

The earlier times remain in effect until the end of Daylight Saving, on Easter Sunday, 1st April. Please note: Activity and Rally-O Classes are suspended until the weekend after Easter.

Which Class Should I Do On Sunday?

If you're joining the Club on Sunday 11th with your dog aged 6 months or older for our RDO Course, then you'll be doing Week 1RDO - we are running 3 * Week 1 RDO Classes with a maximum of 10 dogs per class (see the Next Training Date page for full details).

If you and your dog did Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 last Sunday (or the last time you attended training at the Club), then that's your class this Sunday.

If you were in Foundation Class last Sunday (or the last time you attended training), you can either stay in that class OR if you can join Class 1 - it's your choice!

If you were in Julie's Week 5 RDO last Sunday (or you graduated from Puppies last year or were in RDO but didn't finish Week 6), then join Week 5 RDO with Jason this Sunday - don't forget to check the rescheduled class time!

If you were in Week 1 Puppies last Sunday with Alisa, Lisa or Jason, the do Week 2 with these instructors

If you were in Sharon's Week 5 Puppies, then do Week 6 with Sharon - don't forget the rescheduled (earlier) class time!

Please remember: Activity and Rally-O Classes are suspended until the end of Daylight Saving (Easter weekend). 

Full details of class and registration/joiner times are available on the Next Training Date page.

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Next Training Date

Sunday 17th February 2019 is a Puppy Joiner (for dogs under 6 months of age).

Please note: Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) and Puppy Classes are rescheduled an hour earlier until the end of daylight saving time.

Please check the times AND arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start.