Notice is hereby given of a General Meeting of the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club Inc. to be held on Sunday 15th March 2019 on the Training Grounds in Centennial Park, commencing at 8:50 am.

Note: This meeting was rescheduled from 8th March due to rain.


  1. To note apologies for non-attendance.
  2. To read the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting.
  3. To confirm the Minutes of the previous General Meeting.
  4. To receive reports from the Committee.
  5. To consider and deal with motions of which due notice has been given.
  6. To receive notices of motion.
  7. To consider and deal with these motions.
  8. To hear and answer, through the Chair, questions from Members.
  9. To deal with such other business as the Chair and Members may allow.

Note: If for any reason a quorum is not present, this meeting will be held on Sunday 22nd March 2020.

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Next Training Date

Dog Training Closed


Club Members and Friends are advised that due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club is closed for training until further notice.

The situation regarding COVID-19 will be reviewed and status updates on the resumption of training issued in due course.

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