COVID-19 Status Update

The Club is currently closed for training due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While lockdown restrictions are being eased, Dogs NSW, with whom the Club is affiliated, advised in a Facebook post on 2nd June

"Affiliates may now resume normal activities at their local venues provided that they strictly adhere the Government COVID-19 guidelines and social distancing, i.e., maximum of 10 people per venue. Affiliates are covered by insurance at their grounds providing they follow the current Government guidelines, keep records of participants and practice social distancing and hygiene recommendations."

The key point in the Dogs NSW post is "maximum of 10 people per venue".

The Club runs 6 * beginner classes (Puppies and the Adult Dog RDO Course) on Sundays, each of which typically has 10 dogs per class. We also run further training in the Foundation Class and Classes 1 to 4, where there can be more than 10 dogs per class.

Factor in that friends, couples and families turn up to train their dogs, particularly in the beginner classes. And add the helpers and instructors who set up and run the training classes.

On a good Sunday, the Club can have in excess of 100 people on the grounds. And this is why we remain closed for training.

However, the hope is COVID-19 restrictions will be further eased in the not too distant future and that the Club can plan to resume training in 2020. Which is why we are asking Members to renew memberships for 2020-21.

Membership Renewal for 2020-21 

All Members should have received a Membership Renewal Form in the post - a copy is also available for download from the Club website.

As explained in the PawPrints newsletter accompanying the renewal form, Members who joined the Club before 2nd February 2020 are invited to renew their membership before the end of the Cub's financial year on 30th June.

Members who joined the Club in February or March 2020 are not required to renew their memberships as these have been extended until June 2021.

To facilitate contact-less Membership Renewal, the Club is moving to direct debit payments. Members may still pay by cheque, but cash will not be accepted.

Please fill out your Membership Renewal Form and return it by mail to:

ESDTC Renewal
PO Box 6
Randwick NSW 2031

The renewal form must include:

1. Your direct debit payment receipt number or cheque 
2. A copy of your dog’s current vaccination

The cost for Membership Renewal is only $10.

The Club hopes all Members and their family, friends and dogs are keeping safe and well. Please contact us if you have any questions about the status of training or your Membership Renewal.