The Club's season-ending Fun Day was held on Sunday 9th December 2018.

Despite being a warm morning, there was a good turnout for the pre-Fun Day training classes and for the Fun Day itself, which included the Club's Annual Trophy Awards and events like Fancy Dress, Slalom, Good-O Eating, Cool Mint Race, Frisbee and Ball, Sock and Scarf, Waggy Tail.

Dog Club Fun Day - December 2018

Big thanks to Heather, Sandra and Lee for organising the events and to all our instructors and helpers on the day. And especially to our Club Members and dogs who turned, because without you, it wouldn't be a Fun Day!

2018 Awards for Obedience and Rally O

ESDTC CCD Trophy: Leonie Kelly & Fenrik So Ruff Yet So Graceful CCD

ESDTC Novice Trophy: Christine Hely & Myflair White Prelude CCD CD

Eastern Suburbs Rally Novice : Jan Cooke & Mishkabelle Wee Bonnie CCD RN

Eastern Suburbs Rally Advanced Excellent Trophy: Patricia Cooper & Skye CD RE RAE AD JDX GD SD

Eastern Suburbs Top Rally Dog of the Year: Alaina Graham & RO CH Southstock Miss Sophia CD RAE4 RM ADX JDX SDX GD

2018 President’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Club

Awarded to: Jan Cooke, Ilka Kozodziej and Lisa Mirigliani

Fun Day Results

Fancy Dress:
  • Colleen Smith & Cindy
  • Cameron Smith & Foxy
  • Sue Jackson & Dash
  • Julie Brandon  &  Lucy & Penny
  • Sarah Gregory  &  Lola
  • Jan Cooke  &  Bonnie
  • Nikki Sullivan  &  Luna
  • Josh Machet  &  Gatsby
Slalom On Lead:
  1. Dena Rubinstein & Daisy
  2. Ericka van Aalst & Zsa Zsa
  3. Michael Demanuele & Muzzle
Slalom Off Lead:
  1. Thierry Bennani & Dash
  2. Rachelle Tiah & Maple
  3. Martin O’Loughlin & Ashley
Good-O Eating:
  • Large Dog: Leonie Kelly & Grace
  • Small Dog: Marianne Gizycki & Misha
Cool Mint Race:
  1. Tricia Keys & Milli
  2. Sam & Pig
  3. Michael Demanuele & Muzzle
Frisbee and Ball:
  1. Ilka Kolodziej & Muppet
  2. Nikki Sullivan & Eevee
  3. Anthony Clayton–Spray & Louie
Sock and Scarf:
  1. Ilka Kolodziej & Muppet
  2. Thierry Bennani & Dash
  3. Kerry Hanns & Gus
Waggy Tail:
  1. Aaron Grills & Jackson
  2. Anastasia Puhtajevic & Shinghi
  3. Harriet Hope-Streeter & Turtle

Congratulations to all our Awards recipients, Fun Day event winners, and everyone who participated.

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