In 2016 the Club is introducing a new fee structuture and capping class sizes for our Beginners' Program, covering Puppy Classes (under 6 months) and the Adult Dog (6 months and older) Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course:

Beginners' Registration/Joiner Fees

  • Adult Single Membership (over 17 years old), 1 * handler per dog: $30
  • Junior Membership (12 to 17 years old), 1 * handler: $20
  • Additional Members, more than 1 * handler per dog (eg. Dual Membership): $10 per extra handler
  • Beginners' Program Fees - covers our Puppy Classes & Adult Dog RDO Course: $30 flat fee for full progam to be paid in advance on registration
  • Ground Fees for ongoing training in our Foundation Class / Adanced Classes 1 to 4 / Activity Class (beyond the Beginners' Program): $3 per training day, paid on day of attendance
  • Membership Renewal: $10 per Member (due 30th June of current financial year)

Beginner Class Sizes Cap 

  • Registrations/joiners will be capped to ensure a maximum of 10 dogs per Week 1 Class - the Club may at its discretion run more than one Week 1 Class (for instance, as scheduled for the start of the 2016 training year)
  • The Registration Desk opens at 8am for the Adult Dog RDO Course and 9.15am for Puppy Classes - no registrations will be accepted before this time on the grounds, via phone or the internet
  • Completing an online Application for Membership on the Club's website does not secure your place in a class - it simply makes the process easier for you and the Club's helpers on the registration day
  • Registration is strictly first come, first serve - those with their dog's vaccination certificate will be given priority over those who have forgotten to bring proof of vaccination (there are numerous reminders to do so on the Club website etc) 
  • There will be a registration list at the desk - once the list is filled with 10 dogs, the Week 1 Class is closed
  • Registrations are taken for the current Sunday's class only - there are no advanced registrations nor waiting lists
  • If you miss out on the current Sunday, then you need to come back and try again on the next Puppy/Adult Dog RDO registration/joiner date (as scheduled in the Training Dates page

The Club is also proud to announce new classes for 2016:

Foundation Class

This class is for adult dogs (6 months and older) who have completed the Club's 6 week Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course. Its objective is to help handlers and dogs transition successfully and comfortably from the RDO Course into the more advanced obedience training environment of our Class 1.

The Foundation Class instructor will help handlers reinforce exercises learnt in the RDO Course and assist handlers still having trouble achieving those exercises with their dogs. The instructor will also help handlers fade food lures. Additional enrichment exercises will be incorporated on a weekly basis, which will provide an activity suited to pet dog training.

Please see the Foundation Class page for more details about this class and the exercises covered.

Rally-O Course

A new Rally-O Course will be offered at Club next year, open to Members and dogs in Class 2 and above. The course will be held at 10am - a start date and more details will be provided soon.

In the meantime, for those interested in learning more about Rally-O, there are many training and demonstration videos on YouTube. Please note: The Club does not warrant the quality of nor the techniques used in these videos - the link is a simple search of You Tube for the term Rally-O!




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Next Training Date

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Club Members and Friends are advised that due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club is closed for training until further notice.

The situation regarding COVID-19 will be reviewed and status updates on the resumption of training issued in due course.

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