The Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club has run dog training classes in Centennial Park since 1962. The goal of our group classes is to help owners train, resolve problems with and look after their puppies and adult dogs. The Club also provides incrementally more advanced training classes for those interested in progressing to higher levels of obedience and agility work with their dogs.

All our helpers and instructors are volunteers who give up their time on Sunday mornings to set up and run training throughout the year. The Club is currently looking for volunteer Trainee Instructors for our 6-week Puppy Classes and 6-week Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course (for adult dogs).

ESDTC RDO Course February 2014

Our Puppy and RDO classes are based on the latest training methods from organisations such as Dogs NSW and incorporate the rules, regulations and responsibilities of dog ownership as set out by the NSW State Government, local councils, RSPCA and Centennial Parklands. The classes use positive, reward-based training techniques to shape desired behaviours and to strengthen the bond between the dog and owner. We also have discussions on dog care and health and cover important topics such as dog body language and car safety.

The Club has a formal Trainee Instructor Program which outlines and records the steps required to become a rostered instructor. In addition, the Club provides full supporting and reference material for our Puppy and RDO classes. The only cost for the 24-week Trainee Instructor Program is the membership fee to join the Club (for insurance purposes) and a commitment to regularly attend training on Sunday mornings.

Please note: We also request graduates commit to being rostered instructors at the Club for at least a further six months after completing the program. There is a two-fold, two-way benefit in this: 1) It helps to consolidate a graduate instructor's dog training skills and 2) It "repays" the Club's initial and ongoing commitment to the instructor.

If you would like to become a dog trainer or would like to enhance your dog training skills by joining our Trainee Instructor Program and potentially becoming an instructor at the Club, then we would like to hear from you. Either come down to our Centennial Park training grounds on a Sunday morning (between 7:30 and 11 o'clock) and ask a helper behind the administration desk about the program or click on the following button and one of our senior instructors will contact you.

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Next Training Date

Sunday 25th August is an Adult Dog Joiner (dogs aged 6 months and older) for the Club's Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course.

The next Puppy Joiner (dogs under 6 months of age) for our Puppy Classes is Sunday 1st September.

Please check registration and class times and arrive at least 15 minutes early. 

Note: The Club's AGM is on Sunday 8th September — click for AGM Agenda