Dog with NewspaperThe following items are for the benefit of the Club's members and website visitors. They are either general communication, have appeared in the Club newsletter, PawPrints, or have been announced at the Club during training on Sundays.

Please note: All attempts have been made in good faith to credit quoted sources in the news articles. Please contact the Club if you have any concerns about published material.

Notice of Club AGM (September 2018)

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club Inc. to be held on Sunday 16th September 2018 on the Training Grounds in Centennial Park, commencing at 10 AM.

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Welcome to E-PawPrints (August 2018)

Club Members and Friends should have received a copy of the Club's new emailed newsletter on Wednesday 1st August (2018).

The purpose of E-PawPrints is not to replace our regular newsletter, PawPrints. Instead, E-PawPrints will allow us to communicate with Members, ex-Members and Friends who may not have attended training for a while and may be interested in doggy-related news from the Club and the wider community.

If you didn't receive E-PawPrints yesterday, then simply click here to open a copy. This will open E-PawPrints and display a button which you can click to Subscribe to our mailing list for future editions. 

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Would you like to become a dog trainer? (July 2018)

The Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club has run dog training classes in Centennial Park since 1962. The goal of our group classes is to help owners train, resolve problems with and look after their puppies and adult dogs. The Club also provides incrementally more advanced training classes for those interested in progressing to higher levels of obedience and agility work with their dogs.

All our helpers and instructors are volunteers who give up their time on Sunday mornings to set up and run training throughout the year. The Club is currently looking for volunteer Trainee Instructors for our 6-week Puppy Classes and 6-week Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course (for adult dogs).

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Annual Membership Renewal (June 2018)

Members who joined the Club before 1st May 2018 are reminded Annual Membership is due for renewal on or before 30th June. Membership Renewal is only $10 and allows Members to continue training at the Club until the end of June 2019.

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Notice of GM Sunday 27th (May 2018)


Notice is hereby given of a General Meeting of the Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club Inc. to be held on Sunday 27th May, 2018 on the Training Grounds in Centennial Park, commencing at 10am.


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Next Training Date

Sunday 23rd September is an Adult Dog Joiner for our Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course for dogs aged 6 months and older. 

Please check the registration & class times AND arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start times.

Please note:  The Club's Annual Obedience Trial will be heldas part of the 2018 NSW Obedience State Titles at the Dogs NSW Canine Complex, Erskine Park on Saturday 29th September. There will be no training on Sunday 30th due to the October Long Weekend.