1st November     8am  RDO and Class 1

                             9am  Puppies  and  Classes 2-4

                             10am  Instructors Class

1st November     8am  Adult RDO Joiner for Dogs from 6 months

8th November    9am  Puppy Joiner for puppies from 12 weeks or 2nd vaccination.


New joiners need to register and sign in for Covid -19 tracing 30 minutes prior to the start of class.



7.30am   Registration desk open for New Adult Joiners.

                Promotion testing

7.45am   Sign in for Covid -19 tracing

8.00am   Class 1 and RDO Class

8.30am   Registration desk opens for New Puppy Joiners

8.45am   Sign in for Covid-19 tracing

9.00am   Classes 2-4 and Puppy Class



Recommended by Dogs NSW for your safety appropriate covered footwear must be worn for training, so no thongs, scuffs, high heels or bare feet.     


Training Equipment Available         

The club has training equipment for sale:

Cotton leads                                      $10

Long leads                                         $10

A variety of training collars from        $12

Dumbbells                                         $10     

UD article sets                       Plain    $18      Knurled   $25