Sunday 23rd February is a puppy joiner for the Club's 6-week Puppy Class (for dogs aged under 6 months). The next adult dog joiner for our Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course (for dogs aged 6 months and older) is on 1st March.

Please note, unless otherwise specified, registration and training times for the RDO Course and Puppy Classes are one hour earlier than the Club's standard times until the end of Daylight Saving on 5th April. Activity Class and Rally-O are also not scheduled during this period.

Other Scheduled Training Dates for 2020.

Registration for Puppy Classes

The Registration Desk opens at 8.15 am and closes at 9.15 am, or when the class size cap of no more than 10 puppies per Week 1 class is reached.

Tip: Arrive early because classes can fill quickly (some Sundays, keen joiners are on the grounds at 7.30 am).

Please see the Registration/Joining Process page for full details. And don't forget to bring your puppy's proof of vaccination! 

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Inspection Line and Class Times 

In addition to our beginner RDO Course and Puppy Classes, the Club runs Further Obedience and Activity Training, and Promotion Tests for these classes. Please check the times for your class and arrive at least 15 minutes early.

And remember: RDO and Puppy Classes start one hour earlier until the end of Daylight Saving Time (unless otherwise specified).  

Class  Inspection Line Start/Class Times
Promotion Tests n/a 7.30 am
Activity Class Not Scheduled
Class 2 7.45-8 am 8-9 am
RDO Course  7.45-8 am 8-9 am
Foundation Class 8.30-9 am 9-10 am
Class 1 8.30-9 am 9-10 am
Class 3 8.30-9 am 9-10 am
Class 4 8.30-9 am 9-10 am
Puppy Classes n/a 9.15-10 am
Rally-O  Not Scheduled


Questions? See About Club for details and links to FAQs, Registration/Joining Process, Training Times, Membership Fees and How to Find Us etc.