Before contacting the Club via email or the Contact Us form, please read through the following list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please Note: The Club is run by volunteers. We attempt to respond to queries within 48 hours. However, due to family and work commitments beyond the Club, sometimes there may be a longer delay in responding to you.

And frankly, the answers to 99% of the questions we receive, such as the ones below, are documented on the website or can be best answered in person on Sundays. If you can't find an answer among our FAQs or elsewhere on the website, then simply come down to the Club & speak with someone behind the registration desk. Your dog will enjoy the walk!

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What is the registration/joining process?

This is set out point-by-point on the Registration/Joining page.

When does your next Puppy/Adult Dog training class start?

All starting & training dates for the year are listed on the Training Dates page.

What is the difference between Puppy/Adult Dog Joiner & Puppy/Adult Dog Classes?

"Joiner" refers to a joiner/registration morning (typically on alternate Sundays) for the Club's 6 week Puppy Classes & Responsible Dog Ownership Course. The Training Dates & Training Times pages set out the dates/times for Puppy/Adult Dog joiner/registration & for the classes themselves. You cannot attend a class without joining the Club.

My dog is 5 months/7 months old. Should I join Puppy or Adult Dog classes?

As set out on the Training Classes page, Puppy Classes are for dogs aged 12 weeks to under 6 months. Adult Dog Classes (ie. the Club's Responsible Dog Ownership Course) are for dogs aged 6 months or older. You cannot join Adult Dogs if your dog is under 6 months, nor Puppies if your dog is 6 months or older. 

My puppy is 12 weeks, has had her 2nd vaccination & is getting her 3rd in 2 weeks. Can we still join puppy classes?

Yes, as set out on the Puppy Classes page, we accept puppies from 12 weeks & who have had at least their 2nd vaccination. Some Vets prefer puppies to wait until their 3rd vaccination. The Club recommends you ask & follow the advice of your Vet. 

Do we have to attend any other course before joining & training at the Club?

No, both our Puppy Classes & Adult Dog Responsible Dog Ownership Course assume no level of prior training.

My dog barks & growls at other dogs - will he/she be welcome in class?

Yes. We have a significant number of rescue dogs among our Adult Dog joiners & many of these are not well socialised. Equally, we have Puppies who have not learnt the social skills of being a dog. They may be timid or reactive, towards humans &/or dogs, depending on their circumstances. Socialisation, recognising & responding to signs of stress, & techniques for desensitising dogs is a major goal of our Puppy Class & Responsible Dog Ownership Course. 

I have more than one dog, can I train them all at the Club?

Yes, but you can only handle 1 dog at a time in a class. Your other dogs must be securely & safely tethered or minded by a family member or friend while you are in class. You may swap dogs during the class.

I want to join Activity Classes - what do I need to do?

The Activity Classes page sets out the prerequisites for joining these classes. In summary, handler & dog must have attained the Club's Class 3 level or above & passed the Activity Class Stability Test.  

I see you have Promotion testing on the Training Dates page - do I have to do this with my dog before joining the Club?

No, as set out on the Training Dates page, this is only for promotion from Class 1 to 2, Class 2 to 3, & Class 3 to 4. These are classes are beyond the 6 week Puppy/Adult Dog Beginner classes.

Do you offer one-on-one sessions?

No, the Club offers group/class training (hence the reasonableness of our Membership/Ground Fees!). However, we can refer you to specialist trainers.

How much is the course?

The Registration/joining, Beginners' Program & ongoing Ground Fees are listed on the Membership Fees page. Please note: The only method of payment accepted is CASH or CHEQUE.

So, after paying my Membership Fee, are there additional fees?

Yes, as set out in the Membership Fees page, there is a one-off Beginners' Program Fee (payable on Registration) and Ground Fees for onging training in our Foundation Class/Advanced Classes 1-4/Activity Class (beyond the Beginners' Program).

What are the times for the training sessions?

The times for joining/registration are listed on the Training Dates page (note: Puppy/Adult Dogs registration is typically run on alternate Sundays). In addition, times for all classes are listed on the Training Times page. 

What is the duration of the training classes?

The times and duration for all classes are listed on the Training Times page.

Where are you based?

Centennial Parklands - check out our How to Find Us page.

Is it okay for my child/children to watch the class?

Yes, as set out in the Club Ground Rules, children are welcome at the Club, but they must be supervised and they must not handle a dog in class.

When can my child join the Club? 

Again, as set out in the Club Ground Rules, children under the age of 12 are not permitted to join the Club. Children aged from 12 to 17 years can join the Club as Junior Members - please see Membership Fees for details.

What happens if I miss a couple of weeks of training?

On any training Sunday, the Club is running 3 streams of Puppy/Adult Dog Beginner classes. If you miss a couple of weeks, simply join the stream following your original class. If in doubt, ask at the desk on Sundays.

What happens if it rains?

The Club has a 2 stage cancellation process for wet weather as set out on our Wet Weather Cancellation page.