Club's 50th Anniversary 2012The Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club was founded in 1962 and is an affiliate of Dogs New South Wales (NSW), formerly the Royal NSW Canine Council.

Since 1962 the Club has run regularly training classes in Centennial Park on most Sundays and in doing so has helped tens of thousands of dog owners to train, look after and enjoy their dogs, responsibly.

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Below is a timeline of events in the long history of the Club, as compiled by our Club Historian:

1961 - March: A branch of Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club (DTC) established in Centennial Park
1962 - July: Inaugural meeting of Eastern Suburbs DTC (Easts)
1963 - March: Easts team in first Sydney Royal Easter Show Mass Obedience Demonstration
1964 - October: First Easts obedience trial at Centennial Park - 39 entries
1966 - August: Full vaccination requirement for training
1967 - February: East's newsletter commences. First covered trailer purchased in March
1968 - December: Commencement of annual donation of beer to Park Staff
1969 - March: Report of first theft at Club - a handbag
1971 - November: First NSW State Titles Trial
1972 - May: Club banner purchased
1973 - January: Club Challenge between Easts and Manly starts - Easts wins
1974 - April: Plan for Club House Bunker presented to Park - not accepted
1975: Introduction of plastic name tags, class colours, Club jackets and car transfers
1976 - February: Life Membership badges introduced
1978: Special Club Guide Dog fund commenced
1979: Guard dog donated by Club to Park for compound
1980: Wooden bridge over canal adjacent to training grounds built. Alternate Sunday joining days for puppies and adult dogs commenced in June. The Club started housing trailer in the Park compound in August
1981 - January: One hour training in Summer begins
1984 - April: Easts donates Qualifying Sashes for Sydney Royal Easter Show trial
1985 - September: Seating and plaque unveiled in Park for Club founder
1987 - July: Newsletter renamed "Tale-wagging"
1988 - January: Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club incorporates
1990 - September: Metal Committee Badges and Club spoons introduced
1991 - December: New Club banner purchased
1992 - February: Puppy Class starts. Experiment with training times from March: Adult Dog Beginners, Puppies and Class 1 from 8:30 to 9:30am. Class 2 upwards from 10 to 11am
1992 - August: Revert to previous training times: All classes except Puppies at 9am. Puppies and extra training for Class 2 and upwards, from 10:15 to 11am
1993 - February: New car stickers: "A dog is for life ... Not just for Christmas"
1996 - October: Purchase of new trailer to replace trial trailer
1997 - February: Newsletter renamed "PawPrints"
1998 - March: Training moved to Ash Paddock during reconstruction of the canal leading to Musgrave Pond
2000 - February: Return to original Musgrave Avenue training grounds
2003 - May: Club's 40th annual obedience trial cancelled due to heavy rain that flooded ponds and grounds - the first RNSWCC affiliated trial to be cancelled due to weather. Club held its first trial as part of the NSW State Titles trials in October
2005: Instructors rewarded with warm, rain proof Club jackets
2006 - May: Club launches website
2007 – November: Club holds 1st Activity Class to complement Obedience Training Classes
2008 – August: Club launches new look website
2008 – November: Club runs 1st Activity Encouragement Trial to celebrate 1st anniversary of Activity Classes
2009 – February: Club donates registration and ground fees to Red Cross and Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeals
2009 – August: Club runs 1st Instructors and Helpers Information Evening
2010 – March: Club donates replacement tree for centrepiece oak on training grounds
2010 – December: 1st End of Year "Thank You" Dinner for Instructors & Helpers
2012 – June: The Club celebrates our 50th Anniversary in 2012 with an Open Day on our Musgrave Pond training grounds in Centennial Parklands
2014 - January Club launches our Responsible Dog Ownership Course
2016 - January Club launches the Foundation Class for handlers and dogs who have completed our Responsible Dog Ownership Course.