BOM Sydney forecast 18 March

The Club's Hot Weather Cancellation policy states:

"In line with Dogs NSW's policy for Extreme Weather, and taking into account the group nature of the Club's training classes for puppies and adult dogs and the limited shade on our Musgrave Pond training grounds at Centennial Parklands, if the weather for Sydney (city) is forecast to be 35° Celsius or higher for a Sunday on the preceding Saturday, then training will be cancelled for that Sunday."

While we've had to cancel training in the past due to wet and wild weather, Sunday may be the first time the Club's had to cancel training due to hot weather. 

If training is cancelled, notice of the Hot Weather Cancellation will be posted on the Club's website and on our Facebook page on the Saturday evening prior to the cancelled Sunday and the recorded message on the Club phone will be updated accordingly as soon as possible.

Fingers crossed the BOM have missed a cold front heading towards Sydney in time to cool things down for Sunday! ????

Next Training Date

Sunday, 22nd April, is a Puppy Class Joiner for dogs aged under 6 months. It is also a Promotion Testing morning for the advanced Classes 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.

With the end of daylight saving on Easter Sunday, the Club's registration and training start times have reverted to our usual schedule. 

Please check the registration & class times AND arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start times.

NOTE: Due to a shortage of Instructors, Activity Class is cancelled for 22nd April and 6th May.