The Club has a 2 stage cancellation process for wet weather:

Training washed out

  1. The first stage is to cancel Joiner registration – we can't put out administration tables if it's raining.
  2. The second stage, if the weather's too wild, is to cancel training

If it's not too wet and wild, and depending on availability of Instructors, the Club will run training as combined classes.

In normal circumstances, the decision to cancel training is left as late as possible. Members and Joiners can call the Club for a status update on 0412 645 154 after 7:30am on Sundays. Please note: We cannot respond to SMS/text messages.

Note: In exceptional weather circumstances the decision to cancel may be made on Saturday night before Sunday training – this will be recorded as a message on the Club phone as soon as the decision has been made.

If in doubt, call the Club at any time and listen to the recorded message.

While the Club apologises for the inconvenience caused due to cancelled training, we trust Members and Joiners appreciate the efforts of our invaluable volunteer helpers and Instructors to run classes in all seasons.

Next Training Date

Sunday 22nd October 2017

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your class start time.

8am Adult Dog Joiner/Registration (for dogs 6 months & older) for Responsible Dog Ownership Course

Tip: Arrive early because class sizes are capped to no more than 10 dogs per Week 1 Class and can fill quickly - see Registration / Joining Process in Quick Links menu (below) for full details.

And don't forget to bring your dog's proof of vaccination!

8am Class 2, Activity Class (Inspection Line 7:45-8am)

9am Responsible Dog Ownership Classes (Weeks 1,3,5), Foundation Class & Classes 1, 3 & 4 (Inspection Line 8:30-9am)

10:15am Puppy Classes (2,4,6), Rally-O Class (TBC)

Next Puppy Joiner (for dogs under 6 months): 29th October 2017

Any questions? Check our Quick Links menu (below) for FAQs, Registration/Joining Process, Training Times, Membership Fees & How to Find Us etc.